At Indigo Conjecture, we specialize in helping businesses address their unique challenges by unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Whether it’s predicting future demand, forecasting financial metrics, streamlining supply chains, or numerous other possibilities, our expert consultants are here to guide you.

We also offer AI management services, sparing you the complexities of setting up ML infrastructure and assembling a dedicated team of engineers and data scientists. We deliver tailored AI solutions directly to your doorstep, ready to deploy and revolutionize your business.

Our consultancy specializes in small to mid-sized companies seeking data-driven business insight. Our past work in marketing, finance, and operations at Fortune 500 companies increased revenue while cutting costs to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. We now pair that consulting experience with our deep expertise in advanced analytics to help smaller companies identify and address problems, streamline operations, optimize processes, or otherwise strengthen their business.

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See the importance of business analytics with tailored AI business solutions, AI management tools, and AI strategy consulting

Indigo Conjecture was founded by Andrew Tsai, whose foundation in math and data science propelled his business consulting career. Andrew has consulted for major corporations, including Microsoft, KeyBank, Kohl’s, and Charter Communications. He’s committed to a tested, rigorous, and ethical approach to data that makes a difference for his clients and the broader community.

Andrew started Indigo Conjecture to bring his approach and process to small and mid-sized businesses. Our consultants bring seasoned expertise across a spectrum of fields, spanning from mathematics and statistics to artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as encompassing business strategy and execution. We bring together the best talent for your business case and present you with robust, actionable insights.

AI/ML Consulting Service

Are you interested in utilizing the power of AI for your business, but not sure where to start? We can help your company identify how you can use AI, ML, data science, statistics, and mathematics to achieve your business goals. Learn more about how Indigo Conjecture can help you improve your business productivity and increase profits.

AI/ML Management Services

Enhance your business with AI/ML Management Services. With your existing business data, our team can develop the artificial intelligence to help your organization with forecasting, streamlining operations, identifying unusual patterns, and much more. Unleash the potential of AI today when you consult Indigo Conjecture.

Benefits of Working with Indigo Conjecture

Indigo Conjecture offers a robust suite of AI/ML driven solutions that can predict the future, create opportunities, and cut costs.

No matter your industry or business, Indigo Conjecture’s services can help you make strategic, informed decisions and operational adjustments, including but not limited to:

  • Optimizing inventory management.
  • Predicting future sales forecasts.
  • Understanding customer behavior.

Through our AI/ML Business Strategy Consulting, we can help your company identify how artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, statistics, and more can help guide your specific business goals, ultimately providing substantial savings and revenue growth.

With AI/ML Management Services, Indigo Conjecture relieves your business of the burden of hiring data scientists, ML engineers, and infrastructure management. We ensure that your business can enjoy the benefits of AI/ML without the added personnel and operational costs, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free choice.

Propel your company into the future today. Contact Indigo Conjecture to learn more about harnessing the power of AI/ML for businesses.

Get Started

Get data-driven solutions for your business through the power of AI. Contact Indigo Conjecture today for a free initial consultation.

Get data-driven solutions for your business through the power of AI. Contact Indigo Conjecture today for a free initial consultation.